ABOUT CAR RENTALS & DRIVING ON ST. JOHN. . . If you want to explore this laid-back tropical island leisurely - enjoying the beaches, trails and historical preservation sites at your own pace - rent a car.

It is to your advantage to have a rental car on St. John or you could miss many of the best parts of the island. Staying in a villa increases the need. The majority of private homes and villas are outside the town and exquisitely located for seclusion and views not for convenience.

eLOCATION: The Varlack Ventures car rental office is conveniently located one block from the Cruz Bay Ferry Dock for quick, easy pickups and returns. Less than two minutes walk from the Cruz Bay ferry dock, it is easy to find. When you disembark from the St. Thomas - St. John Passenger Ferry walk straight ahead 1 short block and turn right at First Bank. You can't miss us. Varlack Ventures is on the right. [Click on Map to Enlarge for Viewing or Printing]

HOURS: Varlack Ventures office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Atlantic Standard Time seven days a week. If you are arriving after hours, it would be best to take a taxi to your lodging when you arrive and reserve your car starting first thing the next morning.

Varlack Ventures, Inc. Car Rental Rates


  • Drivers must be 26 years or older and have a valid driver's license.

  • a major credit card is required. Check with your credit card company to make sure that your rental car insurance applies to the US Virgin Islands and to SUV's.

  • Foreign drivers should obtain a temporary permit from the Department of Public Safety.

  • Mileage is unlimited, but gas is not included in the price

  • $10 per day Insurance Optional

  • Be sure to ask for your St. John, US Virgin Islands Road map

  • Cash, travelers checks, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard accepted.

  • Child and Infant Car Seats are available for $5.00.

  • Varlack Ventures will park your car for you while you are in Cruz Bay.

  • Vehicle choices: 4 passenger Vitaras, Sidekicks and Wranglers; 5 passenger Cherokees; 7 passenger Suzuki XLs and Monteros and 10 passenger Jitneys.

  • For more information and to make reservations e-mail: or call (340) 776 6412


Driving on St. John is relaxing and enjoyable as long as you remember a few basic, and important rules - the number one being DRIVE ON THE LEFT. Read below for tips, rules and etiquette for island driving in the US Virgin Islands.

Always drive on the left (a Danish remnant). Take your time when leaving a parking lot or turning into traffic. The roads are narrow and windy, if you are on the wrong side you may not realize it until coming out from a curve and finding yourself nose to nose with an oncoming vehicle.

4 wheel drives are recommended for driving on the island. St. John's roads are rough, and often very steep. Also the concrete roads can get very slippery in the rain. All of Varlack Ventures rental cars are 4-wheel drives.

Seat belts are required in the front seat. This law is strictly enforced.

The speed limit in town is 10 MPH and 25 MPH, unless otherwise marked, outside of town. Stay slow and keep an eye out for the animals and hitch hikers that share the road with you.

There are only three gas stations on the St. John, one in the center of Cruz Bay, one on the road leading to the Westin and the newest one in Coral Bay just past the deli, Take a Break, on the road heading towards Salt Pond. [See map]

Keep honest people honest, do not leave valuables in your car.

They have a question on the VI driving test that asks "How long do you wait when the car in front of you is stopped?" The answer is "For a while."

Public transportation on the island is iffy at best and as a result people are constantly picking up and dropping off hitchhikers. Keep your eye out as you wind the curves for temporarily stopped vehicles. Be patient when the car in front stops to say hi to a friend and if you feel uncomfortable with the speed of the car behind or its proximity simply pull out on one of the side spaces and flag them by. They will thank you.

If you are backing up, make sure the road is clear and use the on going lane to back up in.

Finding a parking spot in town can be difficult, the few official parking areas are often full. If you are renting a vehicle from Varlack they will tend it for you while you are in town.

Off limit roads are for hiking not driving, the Varlack Ventures driving map will indicate which roads these are.



Rental vehicles: a jeep, sidekick or other SUV will allow you to explore the limits of the distinction between "unpaved road" and "trail".


Driving: "shoulder to the shoulder" is the tip for U.S. Drivers. The steering wheel is on the left side, as you are accustomed, but you drive on the other side, on the left. so just repeat to yourself - shoulder to the shoulder, and after a few 'Whoops!" you'll be fine. Locals and acclimated tourists will yell or honk to prevent accidents.


Speed limit is 35 or less across the entire island, often enforced by crowds of milling goats or a group of donkeys. Reaching maximum speed limit is possible, but difficult to sustain. The exception to this applies to the local bus and taxi drivers and most of the year-rounders. Pull over and allow them to pass, it's easier on the psyche.


Hills - climbing and descending: stay in 2nd gear and downshift to 1st when the hill gets steeper. The engine can better maintain speed, and going down it adds a synergistic assist to the brakes, removing the anxiety of imagining a runaway car.


Turns: hairpin and blind in almost every case as you go up and down hills. Honk in advance of the hill to alert drivers approaching from the other side. LISTEN for the sound of truck engines and err on the side of caution if you can hear but not see one headed your way. The engine will be heard long before the truck driver honks an alert. The roads really aren't suited for construction vehicles and it is not safe to share a turn with one.


Gas cost $1.00 + per gallon more than mainland, but varied only $0.05 to $0.10 per gallon between St Thomas and St John.




Telephone: 340-776-6412 Fax: 340-693-8276 E-mail:
Mailing Address: PO Box 1300, Cruz Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands, 00831





VARLACK VENTURES CAR RENTAL RATES & RESERVATIONS . . . Renting your car or jeep from Varlack Ventures will enhance your stay on St. John, US Virgin Islands. You will find the prices affordable, the cars reliable and the staff friendly and knowledgeable.

4 wheel drives are recommended for driving on the island. St. John's roads are rough, and often very steep. Also the concrete roads can get very slippery in the rain. All of Varlack Ventures rental cars are 4-wheel drives. Choose from a variety of top quality 4-Wheel Drive vehicles, large and small, capable of transporting from 4 to 10 passengers. No matter what the size of your party Varlack Ventures will easily accommodate your needs.

If you have a complaint regarding our car rental services please fill out our Complaint Form Online


On Season Car Rental Rates
November 1 through May 30

Make & Model
In Season
In Season
Off Season
Off Season

Jeep Wrangler 2 Door
Seats up to 4 Passengers

Jeep Wrangler 4 Door
Seats up to 5 Passengers

Jeep Liberty 4 Door
Seats up to 5 Passengers


Dodge Durango
Seats up to 7 Passengers

Insurance Optional: $10 per day

*Rental Vehicle Tax: $2/day in addition to rates shown