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Centerline to Bordeaux, North Shore to Annaberg and Back Via
the North Shore Beaches

St. John Map

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Beaches and Hiking Map

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Centerline to Bordeaux - Drive the Centerline Road east towards Coral Bay. Use the pull-over areas to enjoy the magnificent views. At the outlook enjoy the view over Coral Bay, take some pictures and stop for a moment to shop for island made gifts at Tutu Much. (At night the shops are not open but the view can be even more spectacular on a clear moonlit night, you can dine with this view at Chateau Bordeaux.) Driving back along Centerline towards Cruz Bay turn right onto the North Shore Road. At this juncture you will see Colombo's Cafe on the left, if in need of refreshments stop for one of the island's best smoothies and a great sandwich.


Go on down North Shore Road and head to Annaberg and Cinnamon Bay. Take the historic walk through the ruins, visit the Cinnamon Bay Digs. On the way back to town along the North Shore Road stop and take a dip at Trunk Bay and if you still have time try some snorkeling - equipment is available there to rent and the underwater trail is easy for beginners and fascinating for all. Refresh yourself with a quick island shower and head to the Asolare just above Cruz Bay for a sunset drink before returning to town for dinner.


Northshore Beaches, Views, Beaching & Annaberg Tour

Leave town on the North Shore road and take your time stopping at the outlooks to view the varied vistas. Have lunch at one of the beaches: Cinnamon Bay, Trunk Bay and Maho Bay have restaurants or snack bars and of course if you stopped at one of the Delis on the way out of town you can stop and picnic where ever you wish. Take a swim, do a little beaching and then continue on to Annaberg to visit the ruins.


On returning take North Shore Road up to Centerline drive and head on towards Coral Bay. Not much further along you will arrive at the Bordeaux Mountain Overlook. Sit on the deck at the Chateau Bordeaux for a breather before heading back to Cruz Bay along Centerline Road.


Cruz Bay, Cinnamon Bay: Historical and Archaeological Sites

In Cruz Bay be sure to visit Battery Hill, formerly known as Fort Christian during the Danish colonial period, and the Nazareth Lutheran Church, founded in 1720 by the Danish missionaries. Then head out of town on the North Shore Road and visit the Cinnamon Bay Digs, a National Park Tainos Indian archeological site estimated at around 1000 years old. If you arrange ahead of time you can volunteer your time helping at the dig. [see: Volunteering at Cinnamon Bay Archaeological Site Animals on St. John].


Drive to Friis Bay for a Sunday Jazz Brunch, Explore Salt Pond, Rams Head

Drive out to Miss Lucy's for Sunday Brunch on the beach front and enjoy live jazz. Continue on afterwards to Salt Pond. As you travel around the various points notice the change in the landscape: the dense tropical forests on the hillsides give way to an arid terrain and the hills become scattered with various cactuses. Walk the few minutes down to Salt Pond Bay - a crescent shaped secluded spot. Enjoy the beach and water there then head to the end of the beach for and take the Drunk Bay and Rams Head Trails. [see: hiking information ] Before you get to the start of the trails you can find the salt pond which gives this spot its name. Set back from the beach, it is often harvested for its salt by locals. If you take the Drunk Bay Trail it will be an easy half hour walk, the Rams Head trail is more ambitious, taking an hour or so, but it will reward you will an incredible view well above the surf.


Jeep LibertyCoral Bay, East End:

Emmaus Moravian Church & Graveyard, Local Art on East End
and at the Skinny Legs Complex

Drive to Coral Bay early in the morning and have a breakfast burrito at Pickles or stack of pancakes at P&Bs cafe. After your coffee go visit the Emmaus Moravian Church built in 1782 which is open to visitors. This church is one of the least altered Moravian buildings in the west Indies and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


You will find fine woodwork and a spacious gallery with tall arched windows. If you are there on Sunday the services are at 9:30 AM. Next to the church is a wonderful old West Indian graveyard where you will find some very old stones. When leaving Coral Bay continue out towards the East End and go visit Sloop Jones. Stop by Vies Snack Shack on the way back for a taste of Conch Fritters and perhaps take a dip at one of the little beaches along the road. Pick up some island made art at Sysygys Gallery or an exciting, colorful shirt at the Dog House, both at the Skinny Legs Complex.


If you have some phone calls to make or need to access your e-mail you will find everything you need right there too, at Connections in Cruz Bay. There is always a wonderful island breeze atthe Island Blues, just around the corner towards Salt Pond. Stop there for something refreshing to drink before heading back to town.


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